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welcome to uplift artisan

It all starts with a dream.

I awoke on April 2009 ready to bust out of my skin. I had a dream where I was ‘told’ that I was going to start a business making handcrafted, heirloom kites and it would be called uplift artisan. (For the bigger doozy-of-a-story, click here.)

I paid attention.

The photographs you see here and in my shop look exactly like those mystical, magical kites in my dream.

I call them dream beacons.

They are like so many simple things of beauty that uplift our lives in an instant: a field of sunflowers in bright bloom, multi-hued hot air balloons rising above us, a rainbow across a misty sky.

Happiness-inducing, bubbly-inside, hopeful moments. Simple celebrations.

Each uplift artisan kite is made by hand.

With care.

With love.

With joy.

So look up. To the sky, on your wall, or in your heart.

Remind yourself or someone you love that…

Dreams are real.

They can soar.

And so can you.

“I made you a kite so you would have to look up.” ~ unknown

meet michelle

michelle jones is the founder of uplift artisan. she lives in southern cali with her two young children and her surfer/scientist husband. more about michelle.