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The Uplift Artisan GIVE Kite Campaign: charity: water

I know an idea is a good one when I think yeah!! and it’s accompanied by super tingly firework-type feelings. Sometimes the idea comes in a dream (the most firework-type-y ever) or it comes in a more roundabout, surprising way. The give kite idea was a bit more in the roundabout realm. The summer of 2012, I went […]

Create Something Awesome

 Makers gotta make, y’all. I’m no exception. And I get very excited about it. You?

Gaping Holes at Uplift Artisan

CEO of Uplift Artisan, Michelle Jones, announces that this week there were lessons in overcoming challenges, including, but not limited to: 1. Having a cold. Which makes sleep difficult. 2. Having a cold while being a ‘work widow’ most of the week and having two, small children under her care. 3. Brain explosions with too […]

Unexpected Post Office Excitement

I’m not one who likes to scurry around town, running random errands. I don’t like to return books to the library or pay the overdue bill (although I live for taking the books out). I don’t want to drop off or pick up dry cleaning. Or dog food. Or that dang health form my son […]

The Uplift Artisan Etsy Shop is Open!

  Kites are officially ready for the world at the Uplift Artisan Etsy site!            Click here to go the Uplift Artisan Etsy Shop. And if you are an etsy lover & supporter, make it a favorite.          Dream following is so much better with the help of friends. […]