Monthly Archives: January 2014

New Handmade Kites in the Uplift Artisan Etsy Shop

A few new offerings are in the etsy shop! In honor of Valentine’s Day (and life, in general), The LOVE Kite. A Limited Edition RED Kite. And a Limited Edition Vintage-Style Kite. More info on these beauties can be found at the uplift artisan etsy page.

New Year’s Resolutions, Words, & All That STUFF.

What’s today? Oh, yeah, the 14th. About 13 days late for the New Year’s hoo-ha of intentionality and whatnot:  including resolutions, goals, Core Desired Feelings and my ‘word’ of the year. This means no final decisions have been made regarding any of the above. This is not to say that my brain hasn’t been filled with every […]

Dream Dancer

She wanted me to teach her how to sew today. A fat, dull needle. A long, strong thread. Scraps. Piles of scraps. ‘I made a kite, Mommy.’ And she danced.