First Birthday Photo Shoot + A SOAR Kite

Ahh, babies. Their first birthday is a big milestone and there are so many clever and creative photo shoot ideas out there.

But look at how stinkin’ cute this one is?!!

This is from a lovely customer who recently purchased a SOAR kite.

And she says it now has a perfect spot hanging in her son’s nursery, too!

Click here for more 1st Birthday photo shoot ideas with this little guy and the kite.

Desiree Roberts Photography
Desiree Roberts Photography


Engagement Photo Shoot: Kristine & Dan

Why, oh why have I been woefully behind on posting all the beautiful photos fellow dream beacons have sent me that include uplift artisan kites?!!

It’s called life, my friends. Which has included not putting blog posts on the top of my priority list. Uncool, because I have lots to share and say.

So let’s start with Kristine & Dan!

Read the review she wrote on the uplift artisan etsy shop page!

We found this adorable shop just days before our engagement photos were scheduled to be taken. We fell in love with these kites. We knew it would be the perfect prop for our beach photo shoot. But we feared it was probably too late to place an order! I quickly messaged Michelle and asked if she’d have enough time to create our kite and ship it across the country to us. After a few e-mail exchanges, she said she would get working on it right away, not to worry, & she would have it in the mail to us in two days! She managed to get it to us a day earlier than we requested! Our photographer was beyond excited when she saw what we had brought w/ us. A beautifully handmade, flying kite with our initials & wedding date on the front & “Fly me to the moon,” burned into the driftwood handle. A keepsake for years to come. Thanks Michelle!!

See what I mean?! The sweetest.

And these. Gorgeous.

Katie Finnerty Photography
Katie Finnerty Photography


Katie Finnerty Photography
Katie Finnerty Photography


Katie Finnerty Photography
Katie Finnerty Photography

 Congratulations Kristine & Dan! Happy New Love Adventures!

I’ll be thinking of you on November 7th!

Photo Credit:  Katie Finnerty Photography

UPLIFT ARTISAN OF THE DAY: Jen Lee & ‘Indie Kindred’

Imagine an old theater full of makers/artists/creatives/supercool women watching a documentary premiere about makers/artists/creatives/supercool women.

Last summer, while in Portland for WDS (World Domination Summit), I sat in that very room, while Indie Kindred rolled on the big screen.

Michelle Ward, the ‘When I Grow Up’ coach.

Jen Lee beautifully expressed what I (and so many others) feel.

Watch the trailer and see what I mean:


There is something quite powerful about that level of recognition.

Indie Kindred is now available online! Fellow Dream Beacons, you should watch it!

Here I am with a few of my beloved kindreds right after the movie:

Jess Green, Laurie Jacobsen, Stephanie Lee, Me, Erin Brimmer
Jess Green, Elle Jaye Jacobsen, Stephanie Lee, Me, Erin Brimmer

indie kindred website  |  facebook  |  twitter  |  instagram

UPLIFT ARTISAN OF THE DAY: MC Yogi (plus, maybe some kids dancing)

I can’t stop listening to this song A.U.M. by MC Yogi.

It inspires spontaneous studio dance parties. I can’t stop watching this uncut version of 2 little kids I know getting down’ to A.U.M.

It’s too much awesomeness to handle.


Friend, photographer and fellow Dream Beacon, Kimberly Nicole of Lavish Lark Photography, is UPLIFT ARTISAN OF THE DAY.

All the beautiful photos on my website are courtesy of Kimberly. Kimberly is a ‘Yes! Let’s do it!’ friend. I called and told her I might have a group of cute kids on a beach within 24 hours and she was there, all in.


If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t now be offering custom kites in the uplift artisan shop, too. Let me put it to you this way . . . I knew next to nothing about screen printing when I started this whole gig. I taught myself thru a tutorial online.  I certainly had no idea how I was going to make custom kites and I was getting a lot requests for them. But Kimberly has a grab bag brain of creative ideas and knew exactly how.

Also, knowing her is because of another one of those crazy, serendipitous, some-kind-of-angel-put-her-right-there-in-front-of-me, moments. I was taking my daughter to an eye appointment at 7 am. For those of you who know me, 7 am kind of goes against my internal moral code. We sat in an empty waiting room (because who else in their right mind would go to a Dr. appointment so dang early?!) when Kimberly and her son walked in and sat near us. We started talking. I told her about my dream and she was, like, I so want to be a part of this.

And that was that. Another one of those confirmations from the universe that I was on the right track.

I’m so grateful. Thank you, Kimberly!


Enjoy her work:

website  |  facebook


Li Hongbo

Statues in Motion




Design by one.

Assisted by the other.

photo (24)

photo (25)

photo (26)


Sometimes, it’s hard to decide what to post for the day. Especially on Saturdays. And Sundays.

It doesn’t help that I’m almost overwhelmed by the options of creative goodness.

I haven’t missed today’s boat for UPLIFT ARTISAN OF THE DAY, though, because it’s only 11:05 pm California time, right?

I just came back from seeing Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel. My senses and mind have been bombarded with beauty. And I saw it on the big screen at our local historic theater, La Paloma, so it was just about perfect.




I don’t have all the words to say how much I love this image by Laurent Chehere.