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The UPLIFT ARTISAN Giveaway Winner!

We like doing things the old fashioned way around here sometimes, including the good ole pulling-paper-out-of-the-hat thing. My two littles each got to pick a name, then we put those two back in and I picked . . .the winner of the inaugural uplift artisan kite giveaway! I’m excited to send Crystal a give kite!  This is what […]

The First Uplift Artisan Kite Giveaway!

Let’s have some fun, shall we? Time for the very first, uplift artisan GIVEAWAY! Although I’m getting a self-imposed crash course on small business operation, there is only so much research that one can do, right? Therefore, with this endeavor, I’m kinda done with research mode and now I’m taking action, ACTION! And I will aim for […]