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First Birthday Photo Shoot + A SOAR Kite

Ahh, babies. Their first birthday is a big milestone and there are so many clever and creative photo shoot ideas out there. But look at how stinkin’ cute this one is?!! This is from a lovely customer who recently purchased a SOAR kite. And she says it now has a perfect spot hanging in her […]

Engagement Photo Shoot: Kristine & Dan

Why, oh why have I been woefully behind on posting all the beautiful photos fellow dream beacons have sent me that include uplift artisan kites?!! It’s called life, my friends. Which has included not putting blog posts on the top of my priority list. Uncool, because I have lots to share and say. So let’s […]

New Handmade Kites in the Uplift Artisan Etsy Shop

A few new offerings are in the etsy shop! In honor of Valentine’s Day (and life, in general), The LOVE Kite. A Limited Edition RED Kite. And a Limited Edition Vintage-Style Kite. More info on these beauties can be found at the uplift artisan etsy page.

Dream Dancer

She wanted me to teach her how to sew today. A fat, dull needle. A long, strong thread. Scraps. Piles of scraps. ‘I made a kite, Mommy.’ And she danced.  

Keep on Knowing. THE BOY WHO FLIES Documentary.

I honestly . . . just can’t explain this. Lately, I’ve asked to be guided. Guided to . . . not really sure what, but just to be guided. Gifting up to the sky a belief that people, situations, and conversations, will be brought before me and lead me forward. It’s happened before (oh, yeah), so that inner […]

Peace & Joy Holiday Photo Card Idea

I love great ideas. I can’t take credit for this one. Once upon a time, I lived 3 years as a southern girl in Charleston, South Carolina. I made dear friends in that crazy, carefree time. I may be living clear on the other coast, but I still share the love of warm air and […]

The First Uplift Artisan Kite Giveaway!

Let’s have some fun, shall we? Time for the very first, uplift artisan GIVEAWAY! Although I’m getting a self-imposed crash course on small business operation, there is only so much research that one can do, right? Therefore, with this endeavor, I’m kinda done with research mode and now I’m taking action, ACTION! And I will aim for […]

Being Part of Someone’s Epic Day

Here’s what’s real. The thrill I feel knowing that the marry me kite I’m making today will be part of an epic moment in someone’s life. It will be part of the photos taken of the couple. They and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (and so on) will look at those photos for. . . […]

Unexpected Post Office Excitement

I’m not one who likes to scurry around town, running random errands. I don’t like to return books to the library or pay the overdue bill (although I live for taking the books out). I don’t want to drop off or pick up dry cleaning. Or dog food. Or that dang health form my son […]